About DeerSafe

We have lived on Ashdown Forest in East Sussex for the last decade.  During our time on the forest we have seen the damage caused to vehicles, people, and deer by deer collisions. Indeed we know of few people who have not had an incident over the years.

It is estimated that on average, five hundred deer collisions take place every year on the forest alone.

Faced with the yearly carnage, we decided that we had to do something to protect our vehicles. Much research later led us to the Save-a-Deer Whistle.  This is the only deer whistle that we are aware of that has been proved effective.

The internet and eBay are full of both cheaper and more expensive versions, we have yet to see any evidence that they work.

Fit the best, fit Save-a-Deer!

Protect yourself and the deer, buy the Save-A-Deer here.