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Did You Know the number of deer involved in car collisions in the UK is estimated between 42,000 and 74,000 every year. These result in 400 – 700 human injuries and approximately 20 deaths a year.

Don’t become a statistic, install a Save-A-Deer Whistle from DeerSafe on your vehicle TODAY!

The Save-A-Deer Whistle

  • Saves lives
  • Protects animals and vehicles
  • Installs in seconds
  • Dual construction
  • Tested effective

The Save-A-Deer Whistle is the latest technology in animal warning devices. At speeds over 35 mph air rushing through the Save-A-Deer Whistle emits a sound frequency which warns and may freeze deer, preventing them from moving into the path of your vehicle.

The Save-A-Deer Whistle has been tested to be 90% effective and cannot be heard by humans when attached to the vehicle.

The Save-A-Deer Whistle is the smallest device available. Its dual port enables a single mounting rather than the usual two.  Its flow through construction makes it self-cleaning.

The Save-A-Deer Whistle may be mounted on any vehicle, cars, trucks, or motorcycles. Its low profile allows mounting where it does not detract from the appearance of your vehicle and prevents breakage from car washes etc..

May prevent deer-car collisions!